Workplace for Windows and Mac v10.2.1

November 4, 2020

Release Notes

We're pleased to announce a new release of Workplace for Windows ( and Mac (, which includes the following:

Progressive Download Enhancement (Win and Mac)

We've expanded the progressive download feature we introduced in Workplace for Windows and Mac v10.2 to leverage Workplace Server. So if you have Workplace Server and you're accessing files stored on that server, files will now progressively download. This means that files can open immediately and continue to download in the background, thereby improving your file launch experience.

NOTE  Workplace Server or higher is required.

macOS 11 Big Sur (Mac)

With this release, we've improved our support for macOS Big Sur.

Enhanced Recovery Log Process

We've improved the information gathering/logging process that is automatically triggered when the Workplace app goes into recovery mode. This information is now automatically uploaded, which will help us build an even more robust app.