Workplace Server 8.4.2

July 25, 2022

Release Notes

We're pleased to announce the release of Workplace Server 8.4.2.

This release includes all features, changes, and issue resolutions described in our Workplace Desktop 8.4.2 release notes, as well as the following features:

Team Key Installation

Previously, Workplace Server installation required Workplace Team Administrator credentials. With this release, we've introduced a team key installation option. Once the server instance is installed on a device, the prompt that appears includes a Team Key installation field as an alternative to entering Team Administrator credentials. This provides a mechanism for installing Workplace Server without the need for a Team Administrator.

IMPORTANT  Please note that such installations will always require device approval on the Workplace Online Deployment page before Workplace Server is available on the device. This requirement applies to all team key server installations universally, regardless of your Require Device Approval policy settings on the Select Policies page.

Multi-thread caching

We've introduced multi-thread caching when copying files into the local cache before they're uploaded to the Workplace service. This significant enhancement will correct the time lag one might previously have experienced when syncing large files.