Workplace app Workplace tab

NOTE  Available only in v10.x. Not sure which version you have? Click here.

SECURITY  All Workplace and Workplace Server users

NAVIGATION  Taskbar/menu bar > > > Settings...

This tab on the Setting window allows you to manage certain aspects of your Workplace for Windows and Mac experience:

Adjustable cache size

Datto Workplace's Smart Caching stores files when opening them without syncing them first. Often, due to this mechanism, files you worked on recently will be available offline even if you have not synced them. The larger the cache size, the more likely the file will be available when offline.

Customizable Workplace Folder drive letter (Windows only)

Our Windows version allows you to set your Workplace Folder drive letter if yourSelect Policiespolicy allows it.

Manage integrations (Windows only*)

Finally, if you're using Windows, you can enable or disable the Workplace Outlook plugin and SmartBadge from this interface.
*To enable or disable integrations on a Mac, go to > > About..., then click the Advanced Settings button.

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