Manage Workplace Location

SECURITY  Administrator or Super Administrator privileges in Workplace

NAVIGATION  Workplace Online > Configuration > Team Settings > add the Workplace Location policy to a policy profile or enable the Workplace Location policy in default policies > click Manage link.

Workplace Location

The Workplace Location policy allows you to specify the default location for the Workplace Folder upon installation of Workplace for Windows and Mac.

Once this policy is added to a policy profile, you will designate volume information (v10) or new path(s) (v8 and earlier) on this page.

Workplace v10 and later vs. Workplace v8 and earlier

For Workplace v10 and later, you'll simply specify the drive letter (Windows only) and volume name that will be used to access Workplace on the user’s Windows and Mac devices. No further setup is required.

For Workplace v8 or earlier, you may set the path where projects will be stored for the user account.

The following rules govern path use:

  • Multiple paths can be designated.
  • If a folder in the specified path does not exist, Workplace Desktop will attempt to create it.
  • Tokens such as OS user name, OS computer name, Datto Workplace UserID, etc., can be used to specify variables in the path(s).
  • The path(s) are validated by Workplace Desktop. If the path(s) are found to be invalid, the app will skip to next specified path.
  • The default location for the Workplace Desktop folder remains unchanged. If no other valid path is provided, it will reside in the user profile.
  • If multiple paths are provided, the Workplace Folder will be created using the first valid path the system encounters, using the order in which you provided the paths.
  • In order for the path to be valid:
    • the OS user under which Workplace Desktop is installed must have full permissions to the path
    • The final folder in the path must not exist or be empty

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