Previous Versions

SECURITY  Super Administrators and project owners only

NAVIGATION  Workplace Online > Project Detail, Folder Detail, or File Detail > More > Manage > Previous Versions

NAVIGATION  Workplace Online > Files, Folder Detail > right-click > Manage > Previous Versions

To combat accidental saves and unwanted changes, Workplace features a versioning system that retains versions for at least 180 days and allows you to revert to a previous version.

The revert feature in particular is useful when you need to Revert projects or folders to a previous state such as Cryptolocker.

How does versioning work?

Our "significant versioning" model captures potentially critical changes to your documents...especially when more than one user is editing a file. It works in the following way:

  • A new version of a file is created and retained any time a different user edits the file

  • When there is a gap greater than 6 hour between edits by the same user

  • After 6 months, the oldest version is permanently deleted

This versioning approach minimizes the risk of data loss and enables the recovery of crucial versions in cases of accidental or intentional erroneous edits.

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