Manage multiple linked accounts

SECURITY  All users

NAVIGATION  Workplace Online > click team name

Unlike most services, you will not be prevented from creating a Workplace account if an account already exists for that email address. Instead, a linked account will be created. When accounts are linked using the same email address, you must always login using the credentials for the primary account, and then switch to any linked account. If you prefer to use unique login credentials, we recommend using email alias addresses for your separate accounts.

If the same email address is used for multiple accounts, you will be prompted to link the accounts upon the next login to Workplace Online. If the DO NOT LINK option is selected, that account will be removed from the Linked Accounts list.

If you used different email addresses, you can use the Manage Linked Accounts window to manually link the multiple accounts.

Once the accounts are linked, you can easily navigate between linked accounts by selecting one from a dropdown.

When accounts share an email address, the first account that is set up will be designated as the primary account. When accounts with different email addresses are linked, the account used to link these will become the primary account. In either scenario, the primary account can be changed in the Manage Linked Accounts window.

IMPORTANT  If you are a Workplace Manager user, you must designate your Workplace IUL team as your primary account, and use the Datto account selector to access Workplace Manager.

NOTE  When accounts share an email, you can only log into the primary account. So you MUST use the password associated with the primary account. The password associated with a secondary account will result in a "wrong password" message (even though that is technically not true). Once logged in, you can navigate to the linked secondary account.

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