Malware Incident detail

SECURITY  Administrator or Super Administrator privileges in Workplace

NAVIGATION   Workplace Online > Team > Security > click malware incident

NOTE  Malware detection is supported on all versions of Workplace Server and Workplace Desktop for Windows and Mac, but we recommend that you use the most recent versions to enjoy the best possible user experience.

The Workplace Security Detection & Management feature is designed to contain malware attacks and to keep them from spreading.

Each malware-infected file will generate a security incident. In addition, the Workplace Security Incident & Management feature alerts you to malware attacks on both your project files and your backup files. As a result, you may see more than one incident for the same malware attack. We strongly recommend that you resolve ALL incidents to help ensure the security of your team's devices and data.

Files that are suspected of being infected by malware are automatically quarantined upon incident detection and made unavailable.

When the malware incident source is project-related:

If the affected file is new, it is automatically deleted upon malware detection. You can recover it if you find that the malware incident was unfounded. If the affected file is a new version, it is automatically reverted to the last clean version of the file. Again, you can return to the quarantined version if the malware incident was unfounded.

When the malware incident source is backup-related:

The affected file is automatically quarantined upon malware detection. The file (or the affected file version) will not be available for restore or download in the future unless it is released from quarantine in this interface. Only release suspicious files from quarantine if you are certain that the malware incident is unfounded.

IMPORTANT  If a file designated for backup is infected with malware, it must be manually removed from the device from which it originated, as the Workplace service cannot delete files from your device.

About the Malware Incident detail page

This page provides all the information and management tools you need to handle any malware incidents detected by Workplace. You can review incident details, download the affected file, release the suspicious file from quarantine, generate a report, and track the incident through its lifecycle. The availability of some functions will depend on the current status of the incident.

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