Manage team storage

SECURITY  Administrator or Super Administrator privileges in Workplace

NAVIGATION  Workplace Online > Team > Users > > Manage Storage link.

This page allows administrators and super administrators to manage the storage available to users. It is only available to metered plan teams. There is no need to allocate storage for unlimited plans.

NOTE  Since restricted users do not have storage available to them, they are not displayed on this page.

Each user has a sliding storage control associated with them. Their allocated storage space appears in black. The amount of space they're already using appears in gray.

You can divide your total team storage quota however you wish.

The total storage quota available to your team, as well as the amount already allocated, is tracked by the control at the bottom of the page.

About exceeding storage quota

Before a file begins to sync to the Workplace service, the system checks if the user has reached their storage quota limit. If they have not, the file will sync, even if syncing the entire file will put the user over their storage quota. They will not, however, be able to add any more files until either usage is reduced, or the user's quota is increased.

When 95% of a user's quota is used, an automated email is sent to user. When 95% of a user's quota is reached, an automated email is sent to the user and to all administrators for the user's team.

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