QUESTION   What does the Microsoft Office 365 integration allow me to do?

ANSWER  The Office 365 integration allows you to edit your Office documents from any web browser, and much more!

What are the benefits of the Office 365 integration?

  • Work anywhere, on any device
    Being able to create and edit documents from a web browser enables you to work on documents anywhere, from any device, as long as you have an Internet connection.
  • Continuous auto-save
    All changes you make are auto-saved continuously, ensuring that your data is always protected by Workplace.
  • Real-time collaboration
    Seamless, real-time collaboration allows you to edit Office documents simultaneously with your team.
  • Automatic file-locking
    Office documents automatically lock, which lets other Workplace users know that you have the document open. This avoids the creation of conflict files.
  • Edit via public shares
    Allows secure sharing and collaboration with third parties on Office documents in real time using the Edit via Public Share feature.

How do I use the Office 365 integration?

  1. Log in to Workplace Online.
  2. Navigate to the Word, PowerPoint, or Excel document you want to edit.
  3. Click Open.
  4. Select the Office 365 option, then click Open.

NOTE  If the Office 365 option is not available, please contact your administrator to request that they enable this feature.

  1. Once you've finished editing the document, simply close the Office 365 window. Your changes will be automatically saved to Workplace.

NOTE  At the very top of the page of the Office 365 portal, confirm that it displays Saved to Workplace before closing the window.

To learn more, refer to Creating and editing documents online

How do I allow editing of Office 365 documents via a public share?

When configuring a public share, simply select the Office 365 share option.

NOTE  If you are unable to create a public share, it may be because the project owner or the user who shared the project with you did not grant you this ability, or because your administrator has disabled public shares via policy. First, check with the project owner. Next, check with your administrator.

To learn more about creating and configuring public shares, refer to Managing project, folder, and file public shares

IMPORTANT  We recommend using the Expiration, Password and/or other public share settings to avoid unwanted edits.

I’m a team administrator. How to I enable these features?

Both the ability to edit online via Office 365 and the ability to create public shares are controlled by policies, giving you granular control over which users can use these features. Just enable the Microsoft Office 365 and Public Shares Allowed policies.

For more information, refer to Policy Profiles.