Workplace for Windows and Mac v10.2.2

December 2, 2020

Release Notes

We're pleased to announce a new release of Workplace for Windows ( and Mac (10.2.2.ComingSoon), which includes the following:

More Robust Rebuild Processes and Checks (Windows & Mac)

When files are created or edited locally, there is an inherent risk of data loss until the file has completed syncing to the Workplace service. While this risk can never be eliminated entirely, we have, in this release, implemented additional failsafes to ensure these files are retained in disaster scenarios and, more specifically, when you reset or uninstall Workplace v10.

We've enhanced the robustness of our Workplace apps and have made improvements to the mechanisms that govern our database rebuild processes. This includes the addition of multiple failsafes to automate recovery in the event that any Workplace processes are terminated unexpectedly and do not have the opportunity to complete the shutdown process properly.

Reset App Improvements (Windows & Mac)

Previously, the in-app reset function returned your app to factory settings; sync subscriptions were reset and all synced files were deleted, and logs and similar files were removed. In this release, we've modified this reset function to retain your settings and synced files upon reset.

Now it's a "soft" reset in which synced files are moved to a recycle bin, sync subscriptions are retained, and your files are resynced after database removal and restart, using the recycle bin to avoid a full "redownload." This change transforms the reset function into a safer and more effectively troubleshooting tool, should you experience any syncing issues.

For more information on troubleshooting sync issues, please refer to The Workplace app fails to sync

Issue Resolutions

The following issues are resolved in this release:

MV Command Corrupts File (Mac)

When a local file was moved into Workplace using Terminal, the file became corrupted and could not be reopened. The issue has been resolved.

Team Activity Tab Content Issue (Windows)

The Team Activity tab was not populating correctly. Team activity events now display as intended.