Workplace Desktop for Mac 7.2.41, Workplace Desktop for Windows, Workplace Server for Windows

February 9, 2018

Release Notes

We're pleased to announce the following issue fixes:

Identical Folder Name Sync Issue

When syncing external project folders via Folder Sync, multiple local folders with the same name may have caused unexpected syncing behavior, such as syncing files to an incorrect folder of the same name. This issue has been resolved for both Workplace Desktop and Workplace Server.

Workplace Desktop v7.1.x Upgrade Sync Issue

If projects were given a different name to the local folder when initiating the sync via the Folder Sync tab, upgrading Workplace Desktop from versions earlier than 7.x caused the local folders to be renamed to the project name. This issue has been resolved in Workplace Desktop

MS Office Auto-Locking Issue (Workplace Desktop for Windows)

MS Office auto-locking was not operating correctly when multiple dashes (-) appeared anywhere in the file path, including file path and filename. This issue has been resolved for Workplace Desktop for Windows.