Webhooks File Sharing Integration

August 18, 2023

Release Notes

We're pleased to announce the release of our Workplace webhooks integration, an extension of our filesharing API.

Webhooks provide an automated way for apps to remain in constant communication with each other. When apps are connected by webhooks, an event in one app can automatically trigger a communication to, and consequently an action within, another app.

Workplace webhooks allow you to automate workflow and build powerful integrations with third party services. They allow messages that are generated based on events that take place in the Workplace cloud to be relayed to a client's third party app. Basically, they're notifications about specific changes that have taken place in Workplace, like a new file upload or a folder deletion. You may, for example, wish to send an email, mark a task complete, or delete the stored file from another location.

EXAMPLE  Create a webhook in Workplace for a specific publicly shared folder for which share recipients have upload privileges, set it to trigger when a file is uploaded, at which time it creates a task to review the uploaded item via the Microsoft Planner API.

For detailed instructions on new integration configuration, please refer to File sharing API integrations.

NOTE  Webhooks are only available for newly created integrations, not previously configured ones.