Active Directory: Entra ID (formerly Azure)

SECURITY  Full Access or Team Access privileges in Workplace Manager

NAVIGATION   Access the client's Workplace Online > Configuration > Integrations > Active Directory tile > Setup or Manage button > Configure > Azure AD radio button.

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This article is a supplement to the Active Directory integration guide. Only continue with this article after reading the Active Directory integration guide, and when you have a clear understanding of the integration functionality.

This article explains how to integrate with Active Directory using the Entra ID method specifically.

About Entra ID

The Entra ID integration is a way of integrating Workplace with Microsoft (Windows) Entra ID. This integration allows users and groups to be synced from Entra ID. Once configured and enabled, users can authenticate with their Active Directory credentials and keep their email address, telephone number and name synchronized with Active Directory.

Before you begin


  • An Entra ID administrator account
  • An Entra ID Active Directory service
  • Application ID, API Key, and Authentication domain from Entra ID
  • A Workplace administrator account

IMPORTANT  If you are using the Entra ID method for your Workplace AD integration, we strongly recommend that you enable the SSO integration as well. This will allow users to access and/or install Workplace when MFA is enabled on their Entra ID accounts.

NOTE  Workplace does not support multiple Entra ID SSO apps under the same Entra ID AD instance, unless the Workplace accounts are in different geographic regions (URL when logged in shows the same domain prefix, i.e. us, eu, au,ca). For more about regions and IP addresses, please refer to Workplace ports and IP addresses.

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