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When we first activate your Workplace Manager site, our system default logos and color theme are applied to your customers' interfaces for Workplace Online, Workplace Desktop, Workplace Server, Workplace Mobile, your free trial sign-up page, and to all emails generated by the system.

On the Workplace Branding page, you can apply your own branding to your client team Workplace interfaces and emails at any time. You can even create a custom URL for you and your customer teams. Your logo, color theme, and URL selections will become the defaults for your team and your customer teams, but please note that your settings can be overridden by administrators on individual teams.

You can set color theme and logo defaults to apply to all Workplace interfaces, or you may customize these items for each interface (Online, Desktop/Server, and Mobile) individually.

NOTE  Workplace Desktop and Server will immediately display the branding changes.
Workplace Mobile for iOS requires a login event to trigger the branding changes (logout within Workplace Mobile, or upgrade Workplace Mobile, or force quit and relaunch Workplace Mobile).
Workplace Mobile for Android needs to be re-opened for the branding changes to show.

The Branding page also allows you to customize the logo and other text for activation, alert, and notification emails sent from Workplace in multiple languages.

The partner name you enter on this page will be visible to your teams when they click on a Workplace support link.

This page provides detailed previews of your changes, so you'll know exactly what you're changing and what your customers will see.

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