Set up your support information

Security and navigation

SECURITY  Full Access users only. For more information, please refer to Security levels and permissions.

NAVIGATION  Log into Workplace Manager > > Support Settings

This page allows to you configure and manage your support information.

As a Datto Workplace partner, you're responsible for supporting the client teams you set up in Workplace Manager. To ensure that your clients have a way to contact you, you must enter and verify a support email address before you can set up any teams. Additionally, you may enter a support phone number and website.

Your clients can access the support information from the Help link in the top right of their Workplace Online portal as well as the Contact Support button within the Workplace Desktop app.

This page also allows you to preview what your support information will look like when your customers view it.

NOTE  All automated emails sent from Workplace Manager to end users (welcome emails, out-of-quota notifications, etc.) will display the support information you've defined on this page.

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