QUESTION   I intend to remotely deploy Workplace app updates. How do I stop the system from prompting users to upgrade the Workplace app for themselves?

ANSWER  Use the "Restrict Update Automation" policy.

IMPORTANT  While we encourage you to use silent installation, we recommend that you allow Datto to maintain user versions through the auto-update mechanism. This will ensure that users always have an up-to-date version of our Workplace app. Please do not enable the Restrict Update Automation policy unless you have an exceptionally good reason.

  1. Log in to Workplace Manager.
  2. Navigate to the team and select Manage Team > Configuration > Team Settings > .

    SECURITY  Full Access or Team Access users in Workplace Manager can access this function.

  3. Click Policy Defaults to make this change for the entire team, or click Policy Profiles and open or create a policy profile to add the change for a limited group of users.
  4. In the Workplace for Windows and Mac section, enable the Restrict Update Automation policy.

    NOTE  If you don't see this policy in a policy profile, click + Add Policy, select the Restrict Update Automation policy, then click Done.

  5. Click the Save button.
  6. If you have created a new policy, assign it to users or groups. Refer to the Assign a policy profile to users section of Policy Profiles.

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