QUESTION   What happens if I rename a project in the Workplace folder on my desktop?

I renamed a project in the Workplace folder on my desktop. Will everyone else see my changes?

ANSWER  That depends on whether or not you're the project owner.

If you open the Workplace folder on your desktop, right click a folder, and select Rename, you can change the name of any project. But that change will only sync to the Workplace Online if you are the owner of that project. If you are not the project owner, your changes will be local; no one else will see them.

NOTE  This behavior only applies to projects in the Workplace folder, not to projects added to Workplace via the Workplace Desktop folder sync When a local folder that is synced to a Workplace project with the folder sync feature is renamed, it may create a sync error. In that event, Workplace will detect the error and prompt you to correct it.

For more information, please refer to Workplace Folder.