QUESTION  Why has the Workplace authentication method for partners changed?

ANSWER  To allow Single Sign-On to your Datto services, and for consistency and convenience.

This brings you closer to a single login experience for all Datto products and delivers many of the requested benefits that already exist within Datto SSO.

This change was made based on feedback from our Workplace partners:

  • Partners overwhelmingly agree on using 2FA to protect their Workplace solution. Most of the concerns were about usability and 2FA features in Datto Workplace.
  • Our partners requested additional 2FA options, most commonly Push notifications.
  • Our partners much prefer a unified process for multiple Datto products.
  • Our partners also requested federated security options like Microsoft ADFS and OKTA.

QUESTION  What is the impact of this change?

ANSWER  Manager users will be redirected to the Datto Partner Portal to authenticate.

To access your Workplace Manager account, you'll authenticate via first. If you have an active SSO session after having accessed another Datto service, however, you will be logged in to your Workplace Manager account without further authentication.

If your email address is associated with multiple Workplace Manager and/or File Protection Manager accounts, you will be able to select one before being redirected to your Datto Workplace platform.

QUESTION  What are the benefits of this change?

ANSWER  A consistent authentication method for Datto products.

  • SSO will offer our partners centralized security. A single user change can lock them out of all Datto products.
  • SSO will offer a better cross-product experience. Users will be able to jump from one Datto product to another without having to re-authenticate.
  • SSO will allow us to integrate with other authentication providers in a single place in the future, rather than having to do it for all our products separately.

QUESTION  Why has Workplace implemented mandatory two-factor authentication (SSO)?

ANSWER  We just want to keep you and your customers' data secure.

As Workplace Manager allows you to access confidential user data; secure access to your Workplace Manager account is paramount!

Based on partner feedback, we've decided to move to mandatory two-factor authentication (2FA) for Datto Workplace. Your supportive responses leave us confident that mandating 2FA for Workplace is the appropriate action to keep our partners and your end clients secure.

QUESTION  What 2FA options will be available in the Portal?

ANSWER  A variety of options are available.

Users can authenticate using Time-based One-time Password (TOTP). TOTP is most commonly used with tokens generated by Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, DUO, Authy, Lastpass, Myki or others.

QUESTION  Can I reset a users 2FA?

ANSWER  Partner Portal user with Security Admin control can reset 2FA for other users.

Click here to find out how to reset a users 2FA.

QUESTION  Do I need to go to the Datto Partner Portal to log in to Datto Workplace?

ANSWER  You can continue to log in via the Workplace login page or the Datto Partner Portal.

Users can login via (or You will simply be redirected to the Datto Partner Portal to authenticate after entering your username in the login screen.

QUESTION  How does this impact linked accounts in Workplace (and File Protection)?

ANSWER  Linked accounts remain unchanged.

Linked accounts continue to function as they have before. When accessing a Workplace Manager account, you will be redirected to the Datto Partner Portal to authenticate.

Learn how to Manage multiple linked accounts.

QUESTION  I don't have a phone to use for 2FA. What do I do?

ANSWER  Use a TOTP desktop application

There are various solutions that support TOTP in a desktop application. Applications like Authy and Myki can be configured to generate tokens for you without the need for an app on a phone, either via a Desktop or Browser app. The email based 2FA would also work without the need for a phone.

QUESTION  What changes can I expect in Workplace Manager?

ANSWER  Manager user policies have been removed

As all authentication is handled by the Datto Partner Portal, the security policies for Manager login are no longer useful and have been removed.