QUESTION   How do I connect to Workplace via WebDAV?

ANSWER  It depends on your operating system.

WebDAV allows you to directly access files stored in Workplace without having to first sync or download them. You can open, edit, and delete files, create directories, and perform a variety of other document-related actions.

NOTE  The Edit documents locally via Workplace Online feature will provide similar functionality, but with much better performance.

WebDAV can only connect to your primary account. If you are using linked accounts, be sure to set the account you want to connect to via WebDAV as the primary account. Refer to Manage multiple linked accounts for more information.

WebDAV Usage

The Workplace service is built and optimized to provide file synchronization and access through the various components of the service: Online, Desktop, Mobile, and Server.

The ability to connect to your Workplace account via the WebDAV protocol is available solely for individual file access, primarily through third party mobile apps.

IMPORTANT  If you use WebDAV with scanning tools or in such a way that results in high traffic, we may without warning disable the functionality for your account.

WebDAV Support

While WebDAV is available and fully functional, we do not offer support for it. You can confirm your credentials by logging in to Workplace Online and confirm that you are using the correct URL as noted below. And we can confirm that the functionality is enabled for your account if you provide us with your User ID (refer to Locate your device ID and user ID) when you Get Support for Your Workplace Account.

All other variables that may cause issues are isolated to the client you are using to connect via the WebDAV protocol. If you experience issues, please contact the support resources for the software you are using to connect, or try an alternative client.

How to connect to Workplace via WebDAV: