QUESTION  How do I reset two-factor authentication (2FA) for a user?

ANSWER  Use the Manage link on the 2FA policy in the user's policy profile.

SECURITY  Only Administrators and Super Administrators in Workplace can reset 2FA for other users. To learn how to manage and/or reset your own 2FA, please refer to Two-factor authentication.

  1. Go to Workplace Online > Configuration > Team Settings > Policy Profiles > select the profile applied to the user.
    Or, if you have a complex policy profile structure...
    Go to Workplace Online > Team > click the user to open the User Detail > Policy Profiles tab > click the policy profile that controls 2FA.
    Either of these methods will open the Policy Profile Detail page.
  2. In the Password section, locate the Two-Factor Authentication policy.
  3. Click the Manage link next to the Enforce check box.
  4. Right click the user and select Reset.

NOTE  For general information about policy profiles, please refer to Policy ProfilesSelect Policies, and Policy Defaults.