QUESTION  How can we be certain our data is secure when an employee is terminated or a device is lost or stolen?

ANSWER  Workplace has several functions and safeguards in place to ensure the security of your data.

Workplace has the ability to remotely wipe the Workplace-held data from a device. To find out how, see Manage Devices.

When an employee no longer requires access to Workplace, their account should be terminated. When you terminate an account, Workplace offers you the option to transfer ownership of projects the user currently owns, as well as the option to remotely wipe the data from their devices. When a device is wiped, it is also purged.

We also recommend enabling the Restrict Offline Access Duration policy for mobile devices, in which you can set maximum number of days offline before online account validation is required for continued access to files. This eliminates the risk that a mobile device can be used to indefinitely access data while in an offline mode. For more information about this and other security policies, refer to Select Policies and Policy Defaults.