QUESTION   How do I edit files in Workplace my iOS mobile device, then save them back to Workplace?

I want to work on a file that's stored in Workplace using an app on my iOS mobile device. How do I edit a file, then save it back to Workplace using Workplace Mobile for iOS?

ANSWER  You can open the file to another app and edit it, but you must return to Workplace when you're done in order to sync it.

NOTE  If you're already viewing the file on your mobile device, skip to Step 3.

NOTE  If you are likely to use this process on a regular basis, please refer to How to reorder your Open In apps, below, which will make moving between your editing app and Workplace much easier.

NOTE  This feature only works for apps that have implemented support for "Open In" and save to the source location.

  1. Open Workplace Mobile on your iOS device.
  2. Open the file you wish to edit.
  3. Tap the Edit icon.
  4. A dialog box will display, informing you that you must return to Workplace after you complete edits in order for your changes to be synced. Tap Continue in the dialog box.
  5. Select the app you wish to use to make edits.
  6. Make your edits.
  7. Save your changes.
  8. Return to Workplace to allow your changes to sync.

How to reorder your Open In apps

  1. On the Open In screen, tap More... (you may have to scroll to the right).
  2. Tap Edit.
  3. Tap the plus icon, then use the hamburger to reorder your apps.
  4. Click Done.
  5. Click Done. Your apps will now appear in the order you prefer.