QUESTION   How do we recover deleted data?

An employee left the company, and we believe that they deleted some data. How can we recover that data?

ANSWER  You can just undelete it.

If the user has deleted projects, folders, or files, these can easily be retrieved within the six month period that Workplace retains deleted files.

Bear the following in mind:

  • This process requires an administrator account
  • The user's account must be enabled.

IMPORTANT  When you remove a user's account, you have the option of reassigning the projects they own. If you choose to delete the projects owned by a user (without reassigning them) when you remove their account, those projects will be permanently deleted. They will not be recoverable.

To recover deleted data:

  1. Log in to Workplace Online.
  2. Go to the Team > Manage Projects.
  3. Enter your administrator password when prompted.
  4. Undelete the required project, folder or file.

NOTE  The process for undeleting projects is slightly different: All Members Deleted Projects must be selected from the view menu.

  1. Once the project has been undeleted, reassign it to another user.

For more detailed information, refer to Deleting and undeleting.