QUESTION   I know that changes have been made to a file recently, but I don't see it in Files > Team Activity.

ANSWER  The file may not be one of the supported file types.

The file types listed below are tracked for recent changes. If you do not see a file that you know has changed recently in the Team Activity list, it is not a supported file type:

Supported File Types
.doc .docx .jpg .jpeg .ppt .pptx .xls .xlsx .txt .pdf .pps .png .key .pages .numbers .eps .ai .htm .html .css .dot .dotx .xlsx .xlt .xltx .vsd .vsx .qxd .qxt .rtf .mny .zip .rar .psd .bmp .tif .tiff .svg .aac .m4p .aiff .aifc .mp3 .wav .wma .swf .fla .flv .wmv .mov .mpg .mpeg .avi .aif