Integrated Billing via Autotask

MSPs require an efficient and accurate way to bill for services provided to their customers, but manual billing processes are error-prone and tedious, and they can result in lost revenue. Having granular billing metrics for various Kaseya IT Complete modules available in Autotask allows for flexible automated billing.

Workplace synchronizes billing metrics daily to a data lake accessible by Autotask via the KaseyaOne unified login portal. The information provided is the total number of managed licenses with a breakdown by type (desktop, server, etc). These totals are grouped by site to allow for invoices to be generated for individual customers.

Prerequisites and further information

KaseyaOne must be enabled for your Workplace Manager account. Refer to Enabling KaseyaOne.

KaseyaOne must be enabled for your Autotask instance, and you must have Admin permissions to configure Integrated Customer Billing in that product. For detailed information, refer to this guide: Autotask: Integrated Customer Billing