PII Scan and Summary via the RFT Compliance Manager integration

SECURITY  Full Access user in Workplace Manager and Global Access Role "All" (master user) in Compliance Manager GRC

NAVIGATION   > Compliance Manager GRC Integration

This integration allows us to offer sensitive data scanning, a sensitive data summary, and visual indicators identifying where, among Workplace files, personal identifiable information (PII) is stored. This report is the result of a Compliance Manager GRC deep scan of all Workplace-stored data.

Anyone who needs to securely share and collaborate on files while adhering to compliance requirements will benefit from this integration. If you do not yet have a Compliance Manager GMC account, please note that obtaining one can help you satisfy compliance requirements by providing data classification and protection compliance.

NOTE  To learn more about the Compliance Manager side of this integration, please refer to this topic in the Compliance Manager GRC help system.

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