Compliance Manager file storage integration

SECURITY  Full Access or Team Access privileges in Workplace Manager

NAVIGATION  Configuration > Integrations

Compliance Manager GRC requires that you store attachments, which are only retained for a year. All that changes with our workflow integration with Compliance Manager GRC, which leverages Workplace as a storage option in Compliance Manager GRC to provide infinite access to attachments. This integration gives you indefinite file storage in Workplace, as well as a broad and rich new file management and sharing feature set. The benefits include:

  • Indefinite file storage

  • Extensive sharing options

  • Recovery of deleted file and previous file versions

  • Native OS interaction with Compliance Manager GRC through the Datto Workplace apps

NOTE  The Workplace project used for the integration must have an owner. If you're using a metered Workplace plan, the storage used by the integration files will come from the project owner's storage allocation.

For more information about how to configure and use this integration in Compliance Manager, please refer to this page in the Compliance Manager GRC online help.

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