About Workplace

Workplace is an online file sharing and collaboration service, empowering business teams to be more productive and do business faster through secure access to any type of content, anywhere, using any device.

Workplace is an all-in-one solution for synchronizing files between devices, project collaboration, continuous background file backup, and remote file access. Workplace consists of four components:

Workplace Online

Workplace Online is a web interface that provides access to all files stored on the Workplace service, as well as all the administrative functions for Workplace.

The Workplace app

Installed on your computer, the Workplace app runs silently in the background ensuring the latest versions of files are available locally on your computer. It is also responsible for making backups of folders you have selected.

For more information, refer to The Workplace for Windows and Mac app for version 10 (recommended) or Workplace Desktop for version 8. For system requirements, refer to Workplace app system requirements.

Workplace Server

Workplace Server is a component of the Datto Workplace service. It makes all your files accessible through Workplace while retaining local, centralized data storage so that your data is also available via your local area network (LAN). The Workplace service keeps all data on your LAN accessible internally and in sync with Workplace.

For more information, refer to About Workplace Server. For system requirements, refer to Workplace Server Requirements.

Workplace Mobile

Workplace Mobile is available as app for iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android. It provides access to your files stored in the Workplace cloud, and allows you to edit documents within Workplace Mobile.

For system requirements, refer to Workplace Mobile system requirements.