Workplace for Windows v10.4.1.68

May 11, 2022

Release Notes

Workplace for Windows v10.4.1.68 is now available for download. This release is comprised a single change: Any future updates that require a device restart will allow users to "snooze," or delay the installation process.

This change has been implemented to minimize disruption to your workflow during the Workplace app update process.

When Workplace app installations require updates to supporting drivers, the device must be restarted. In the past, once the installation had begun, the Workplace app would not operate until the device had been restarted. This could be disruptive and confusing to users, especially ones with silent updates enabled.

Upgrading to Workplace for Windows and Mac v10.4.1 will still require a device restart, just as before, but any subsequent updates that require a restart will allow the Workplace app to continue functioning, even when silent updates are enabled, and give the user the option to Update & Restart or Snooze.