2018.3 Service Update

June 26, 2018

Release Notes

We're pleased to announce our 2018.3 Service Update, which contains the following:

Exclude Custom Folder and File Paths from Backup

Workplace automatically excludes files and folders that would be of no value in a restore (for example, cache files) from backup. Excluding those items offers three significant benefits. First, there's less data to back up, so your backups finish faster. Second, these kinds of files are often difficult to back up because they change almost constantly; if they're excluded, backup is more robust. Finally, if you're not backing up files you'll never restore, you're not wasting valuable storage space on them.

Since we can't know how you've structured your files, there's no way for us to automatically exclude everything that probably should be excluded from backup.

With this new feature, you can add your own custom paths and files to exclude from backup sets, making backup via Workplace faster and more efficient.

To learn how to add and manage file and folder exclusions, please refer to the Backup Exclusions tab of the Policy Defaults page.