2023.7 Service Update

November 7, 2023

Release Notes

Significant versioning

We're pleased to announce the introduction of our Significant Versioning feature, an improvement upon our previous versioning model.

Previously, Workplace retained the last versions of any given file for the last day, for the last week, and for the last month. The last version from each month was then saved for six months.

This cascading method of versioning was thorough, did not fully address the possibility that different users might delete or otherwise change each others' work, resulting in the retention of only the most recent users' efforts.

The Significant Versioning enhancement will improve our capture of potentially critical changes to your documents...especially when more than one user is editing a file. In this new model:

  • A new version of a file is created and retained any time a different user edits the file

  • When there is a gap greater than 6 hour between edits by the same user

  • The oldest version is retained, as it was before, for six months

This innovative feature significantly reduces the risk of data loss and enables the recovery of crucial versions in cases of accidental or intentional erroneous edits.

For more information about versioning and how to revert to previous file versions, please refer to Previous Versions.