Manage Projects to Sync

SECURITY  Administrator or Super Administrator privileges in Workplace

NAVIGATION  Workplace Online > Configuration > Team Settings > add the Enforce Project Sync policy to a policy profile or enable the Enforce Project Sync policy in default policies > Save > click Manage link

The Projects to Sync policy allows you to specify which projects or folders within the project will automatically sync to a device. Once this policy is added to a policy profile, you can designate new path(s) on this page.

If the Projects to Sync policy is enabled, the Project list controlled by administrator check box on the Workplace Desktop Sync tabwill be selected by default upon installation, but users may clear the check box to customize the projects they wish to sync.

If the user selects the check box again, only projects designated in this policy will be synced.

NOTE  To lock down all Workplace Desktop user options, you can apply the Lock Workplace Desktop Preferences policy.

NOTE  If you enable the Lock Workplace Desktop Preferences policy, changes you make to the Projects to Sync and Backup Folders policies (like adding new projects to sync) will automatically be propagated to Workplace Desktop devices affected by the changes. Once that's done, you can disable the Lock Workplace Desktop Preferences policy to allow users to regain control, if you wish.

For more information, refer to Select Policies.

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