Single sign-on integration guide

SECURITY  Administrator or Super Administrator privileges in Workplace

NAVIGATION  Workplace Online > Configuration > Integrations > Single Sign-On tile > Setup or Manage button > Configure button

When SSO is enabled, users will only be able to access and/or install Workplace with their SSO credentials unless they (or the group they are a member of) have been exempted from SSO. To learn how to exempt users from SSO, refer to Manage the SSO login exclusions list.

Once authenticated by the IdP (Identity Provider), the SAML 2.0 protocol is used to authenticate access to Workplace. A user can simply login once to the IdP, and can then access multiple applications without further authentication.


To enable the single sign-on feature, the following requirements must be met:

  • You must be an administrator or super administrator in Workplace.
  • You must have an administrator account in the IdP.

IMPORTANT  The users that will utilize this feature must have accounts within Workplace and the IdP, and their email addresses for both must match.

If your IdP is not listed, use the information displayed on the Workplace Online > Single Sign-On page to create a metadata XML file or URL from within your IdP.

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