Partner SSO

June 8, 2020

Release Notes

Partner Single Sign-On

With this release, all Datto partners will log in to Workplace Manager using a single sign-on (SSO) process through the Datto Partner Portal. The SSO approach is more secure and more convenient...after you've authenticated once, you won't have to do so again as long as your Partner Portal session is live. You can also access your other Datto services, if you use any.

When you open the Workplace Manager login page, you'll be prompted to enter your Workplace Manager login email address as usual:

When you click the Next button, you'll be directed to the Datto Partner Portal authentication page:

If you have an existing Datto Partner Portal account, please enter those credentials. If you do not have an existing Datto Partner Portal account, enter your Workplace Manager credentials.

Then click Log In. You'll be directed to the Choose an account page:

If you use more than one Datto Partner service (Datto RMM, for example), you'll see all the services equipped with SSO listed here. Click the Continue button next to your Workplace Manager account.

You'll be automatically directed to the application. And as long as you have an active Datto Partner Portal session, you will not be prompted to re-authenticate for Workplace Manager.

Mandatory Two-Factor Authentication

As Workplace Manager allows you to access confidential user data; secure access to your Workplace Manager account is paramount.

Based on partner feedback, we've decided to move to mandatory two-factor authentication (2FA) for Datto Workplace. Your supportive responses leave us confident that mandating 2FA for Workplace is the appropriate action to keep our partners and your end clients secure.

More information...

For detailed answers to common questions about our SSO and 2FA implementations for our partners, please refer to this FAQ.