Malware Detection & Management Feature Release

May 13, 2020

Release Notes

We're pleased to present our Malware Detection & Management Feature Release.

NOTE  This feature is supported on Workplace Server and Workplace Desktop for Windows and Mac versions 8.0 or later.

A malware attack can pose an enormous threat to your business. And the sooner such an attack is detected, the more effective your damage mitigation will be.

With Workplace malware detection and management, files that are suspected of being infected by malware are automatically quarantined upon detection, preventing any user and the system from performing any action on the file, including downloads, restores, and any sync operations.

Workplace's malware detection and management feature...

  • Uses Symantec Endpoint Protection to detect malware attacks.
  • Automatically quarantines affected files.
  • Prevents sync, download, and restore processes to protect other devices using Workplace.
  • Provides you with specific information about each malware incident.
  • Allows you to manage the incident.
  • Streamlines reversion of all affected files to their state before the attack.

  • Automatically notifies all team administrators and Super Administrators as well as any alert notification recipients designated on the Notifications page of security incidents by default.

You'll use the Security page to track all security incidents:

The new Malware Incident detail page allows you to monitor and manage each incident from initial detection and automatic quarantine, through incident review and completion.

For more information, please visit the Security and Malware Incident detail pages.