2023.3 Service Update

April 21, 2023

Release Notes

We're happy to bring you our 2023.3 Service Update. The stability and security of our service is always central to our development efforts. All service updates contain improvements related to that goal.


More dashboard notifications

We realize that it's absolutely vital that you stay informed of customer team events and service changes that might impact their Workplace experience or yours. As a result, we've continued to expand the new notification model we introduced in our 2023.2 Service Update.

The notification section on your Workplace Manager Dashboard will now alert you with notifications regarding API issues and when Active Directory is down.

And remember...even if you're not on the dashboard, a notification indicator at the top of your screen gives you access to your notification list and shows the number of unread notifications you have. Just click the notification icon to view a dropdown list of your notifications:

Whether you're on the Dashboard or on your notification icon list, just click a notification to open it; then you'll see context-appropriate options.

Enhancements & Changes

Interface design updates

We've updated our table functionality, buttons, date selectors, and dropdown menus in Workplace Manager to present a common look and experience with the entire KaseyaOne product suite.


In addition to the issue resolutions listed below, we continue to make small interface corrections and changes, as well as general improvements to enhance stability, performance, and the end user experience. And as always, we continue to correct small, internally-detected bugs as we find them.