Outlook Plugin Enhancement

November 19, 2021

Release Notes

NOTE  In order to enjoy this update, you must be using at least Workplace Desktop 8.4 or Workplace for Windows and Mac 10.3.1.

In this release, we've enhanced our Outlook plugin to leverage our web interface for public shares wherever possible. This will ensure that you always have access to the most recent feature set. When you choose either the Share from Datto Workplace or the Upload and Share option, then choose to create or edit the public share, you'll see one of the interfaces below. Depending on whether you're sharing a project/folder or a file, different options are available.

Project/Folder File

All the options available in these interfaces, as well as all related functions, are described in detail in our Workplace Outlook plugin topic.

NOTE  If you attach a file to an email and send the email without using the Workplace-specific function, and your plugin is configured to prompt you to save the file to Workplace, you will still see our older interface, as the item is not yet part of the Workplace service. We cannot display the web interface under those circumstances.