Active Directory: On Prem Agent

SECURITY  Full Access and Team Access

NAVIGATION  Multiple paths with multiple steps, but in Workplace Online, configuration of this feature takes place on Configuration > Integrations > Active Directory tile > Setup or Manage button > Configure > On Prem Agent radio button.

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This article is a supplement to the Active Directory integration guide. Only continue with this article after reading the Active Directory integration guide, and when you have a clear understanding of the integration functionality.

This article explains how to integrate with Active Directory using the OnPrem Agent method specifically.

NOTE  Workplace Desktop v10 cannot be used as an integration agent as it cannot be run as a service.

About OnPrem Agent AD

This AD method involves installing Workplace Server on a dedicated machine behind the firewall and bound to the AD domain, which then becomes responsible for authenticating users and syncing their full name, email address (username) and telephone number.

IMPORTANT  Integrating with Active Directory means that access to Workplace will be controlled by Active Directory through the link established by the steps in this article. It is imperative that you read these instructions carefully and execute the following steps precisely as indicated.

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