SECURITY  Full Access and Team Access

SECURITY   Access the client's Workplace Online > Configuration > Deployment

BEFORE YOU BEGIN  Before deploying Workplace Desktop, a team key must be created. Please refer to Configure deployment for more information on how to generate team keys.

NOTE  This feature requires Workplace Desktop 6.0 or later.

This page allows you to manage and monitor Workplace Desktop deployment activities for devices associated with your client's team.

When there are team devices awaiting action, this page will display the Pending Deployments view by default. If there are no devices awaiting action, the All Deployments view will display instead.

NOTE  You can change the view using the dropdown at the top left of the list.

The search field allows you to filter by computer name or by the name of the user associated with the device.

The Deployments List

The list on this page displays information about each device. The following columns are available:

Column Definition
Device Info The device name, ID, and operating system.
Status The current deployment status of the device. For details, refer to Deployment statuses.
User The name and username of the user associated with the device.
Workplace Desktop version The version number of the Workplace Desktop instance installed on the device.
Last Update The date and time when the Workplace Desktop deployment status was last changed.
Approved By Manager when the device was approved manually, or Automatic when the device was approved automatically.

Deployment statuses

The status column indicates where each device is in its deployment process.

Device deployment statuses are as follows:

Status Definition
Pending admin approval

Workplace Desktop was successfully installed on the device, and the team key was used to contact the Workplace service.

The device must still be assigned and approved before Workplace Desktop will connect to the Workplace service.

Domain not allowed

The domain in the email address obtained from the AD binding is not in the approved domains list.

You can select to change the associated user, create a new user or reject the device.

E-mail address empty

The email address could not be obtained from the device.

You can select a user, create a new user or reject the device.

Pending user approval Once the device has been approved by an administrator, the user will receive an email and must approve the device and accept the EULA. This status denotes the device is awaiting the user to complete this process.
Pending finalization The device has been approved by an admin and the user. When the device connects again, the status will be automatically changed to Configured.
Configured The deployment is complete and the Workplace service is active on the device.
Rejected by user

The user has rejected the device approval or the EULA.

You can resend an approval email, change the associated user, create a new user or reject the device.

Rejected The device was rejected on this page by a Workplace admin or by a Workplace Manager user.
Invalid user The user account was deleted after assigning, but before provisioning.

NOTE  To set deployment preferences for the team, refer toConfigure deployment.

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