SECURITY  Full Access or Team Access

SECURITY   Access the client's Workplace Online > Configuration > Integrations

This page allows you to manage all your integrations in one place. This includes your Active Directory and Single Sign-On integrations as well as the document editors available to your users. You can also add API integrations in the File Sharing section.

Integration Tiles

Each available integration is represented by a tile. Where applicable, the following information and functions are displayed on the corresponding tile:

Column Definition
Logo/Title The logo and name of the integration.
Status The current status of the integration (connected/disconnected, enabled/disabled, allowed/disallowed, etc.)
Last sync/Next sync For Active Directory integrations, these fields will tell you when the last synchronization took place, and when the next automated synchronization is scheduled to take place. If automatic synchronization is disabled, that will be noted here. You can also quickly sync by clicking the blue sync icon .
Enab led/Disabled toggle A toggle switch that allows you to turn an integration on and off.
Open API Documentation This link, which appears on all API integration tiles, takes you directly to our comprehensive API documentation for the Datto Workplace Public API.
Manage or Setup button If an integration has not yet been configured, this button will be labeled Setup. When management functions are available, this button is labeled Manage and opens the management page for the integration.

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