Document Editors

SECURITY  All users

NAVIGATION  Workplace Online > Settings > Document Editors

This page allows you to set your preferences for editing documents you access from Workplace Online.

Edit online

Online editing allows you to create and edit documents entirely within Workplace Online by leveraging Google Docs and/or Microsoft Office 365.

NOTE  The availability of specific document editors depends on the policy profile assigned to you by your administrator. Refer to Policy Profiles.

Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents can be created, opened, and edited without installing those Microsoft Office applications. Online editing also allows different users to work on the same documents simultaneously.

NOTE  Legacy Microsoft Office formats from 1997-2004 (.doc, .xls, .ppt) are not supported for online editing in Workplace. Only current (.docx, .xlsx, and .pptx) formats are supported.

To take advantage of online editing, you will need a Google account or a Microsoft Office 365 commercial or business account. Home or personal accounts are not supported.

For more information on online editing, please refer to Creating and editing documents online.

Editing online with Office 365, if it is enabled for you, does not require configuration on this page, but you can set it as your default choice here.

Edit locally

You can also edit documents locally with an application installed on your device, if you prefer. For more information, please refer to Edit documents locally via Workplace Online.

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