User types

User types determine access to features and functions in Workplace. Depending on your user type, you'll be able to see and do different things in Workplace.

NOTE  User types are different from sharing permissions. Sharing permissions determine what you can see and do within the specific projects and folders that have been shared with you. For more information about that, refer to Manage project, folder, and file team shares.

The following security levels are available:


Restricted users can be granted full permissions to projects and collaborate on them fully, but they cannot own projects. Consequently, this is a user type you may wish to give to users outside your company with whom you collaborate on work, or to users within your company who should not be adding items to, or sharing items from Workplace.

Restricted users cannot:

  • Create projects or have projects assigned to them

  • Share files, folders, or projects

  • See information about other users

  • Use the backup feature if it is enabled


Standard users are regular, unrestricted users of Workplace. The majority of Workplace users will probably have this type.


Administrators are users who are authorized to perform administrative functions, and can, among other things:

  • Manage the accounts of other users on the team

  • Terminate standard or restricted user accounts

Super Administrator

In addition to the feature set available to administrators, super administrators can access the Manage Projects tab in Workplace Online. This allows super administrators to view and manage files stored by all users within that Workplace team, regardless of whether the project is shared with them or not.

As a Workplace Manager administrator, you will be able to manage the team. When you create a new team via Workplace Manager, you can specify whether or not to create a super administrator on the team.

NOTE  As a best practice, it may be wise to have no super administrators on a team. While the check box to create a super administrator is selected by default, it is not necessary to have a super administrator. If you wish, you can simply change that user's type so that all users can only see only their own projects and those shared with them. You can always change users types on the Edit a user page.