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This page allows you to search and view details for devices associated with users. This information is read-only; you cannot edit device details.

You can customize how this list looks using the view selector, filter options, the column chooser, column order, and column sort order. Then you can save the customized view so you can access it quickly in the future. In addition, your saved views can be scheduled to be run as reports and sent to users daily, weekly, or monthly.

Device count restrictions

As outlined in the End User License Agreement, a Workplace user account is intended for use by one person. Users are restricted to a maximum of three active Workplace Desktop installations, three active Workplace Mobile installations, and three concurrent Workplace Online sessions.

Accounts that exceed these Workplace Desktop and Workplace Mobile device counts will be unable to add more devices until devices in excess of the restrictions are disabled or recycled. To recycle or disable a device, simply right-click the device on this page and select Disable or Recycle.

NOTE  If there is a valid reason that might justify an exception from these limitations, please contact our Support Team with the User ID for the account that requires additional devices in an active state. We will assess potential exceptions on a case-by-case basis.

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