QUESTION   How does throttle control work in the Workplace app?

How do the Throttle Control policy and the local settings for maximum speeds at which the Workplace app devices can upload to and download from the Workplace service interact with each other?

ANSWER  The Throttle Control policy may limit local settings.

You can set the Throttle Control policy in the Workplace for Windows and Mac Policies section of the Select Policies page and the Workplace app Network tab.

If the policy is enabled, the maximum upload and download speeds are constrained by the policy settings. The user can further reduce the upload speed within the Network settings. Download will always be set to the Throttle Control policy settings. The Use Fastest Speed value is limited to the maximum speed set in the policy rather than the maximum available speed available on that connection.

If the Throttle Control policy is not enabled, the maximum download speed is always unlimited, and the maximum upload speed is controlled by the local settings on the Workplace app Network tab.

For more information about policies and policy profiles, please refer to Policy Profiles, Policy Profile Detail and Select Policies.