QUESTION   What happens if I forget to unlock a file after I'm done making changes?

I locked a file when I opened it for editing, but I forgot to unlock it after I was done. Does that means no one can edit it until I unlock it?

ANSWER  Don't worry. Anyone who can access the file can unlock it.

File-locking is a collaboration feature that notifies users that the file is currently locked. Any user with access to the file may unlock it unless file unlocking permission is restricted to the project owner by a policy or if the file is locked as a result of an external application lock that has been detected by Workplace Server.

Should two or more users open a file simultaneously and then attempt to save the changes, the file will be saved and appended with the user's name. In this way, data will never get lost or overwritten should multiple people access and work on the file simultaneously.

For more information about how file locking works, refer to Lock files.