QUESTION   How do I add a user to Workplace Manager?

ANSWER  If you have Full Access privileges in Workplace Manager, you can create new Workplace Manager users!

For much more information about managing your Workplace Manager users, please refer to Workplace Manager Access and Workplace Manager user details. But if you just want to add a new user, follow the steps below.

SECURITY  You must be a Full Access user in order to add new Workplace Manager users.

  1. Log in to Workplace Manager.
  2. Go to > Workplace Manager Access.
  3. Click the Create User button.
  4. Populate the following fields:
Field Description
Full Name* Enter the first and last name of the new user. This field cannot be empty, so you must enter at least one or the other.
E-mail* Enter the email address for the new user.
Prefix/Phone Number Optionally, enter a phone number. In the Prefix field, select a country from the dropdown list. Then enter the phone number. This is especially important if you intend to use 2FA via SMS (Short Message Service).
Security Level Select the level of access you want to grant this user. The options are Read Only, Team Access, and Full Access.

For details about Workplace Manager user security levels, refer to the About Security Levels and Permissions section of Workplace Manager Access .
Time Zone Select the time zone in which the user is located.
  1. Click Create. The new user is added to Workplace Manager and a welcome email is sent to them automatically, allowing them to complete setup of their Workplace Manager account.

NOTE  Account activation links automatically expire after one week. You may always resend a welcome email from the Workplace Manager Access page or the Workplace Manager user details page.