QUESTION   Files do not open with my default program in Windows when opening them from Workplace Online using the Desktop Integration.

When I open files from Workplace online using the Desktop Integration, the files aren't opening in my Windows default program for that file type. How can I get Workplace to respect my default program preferences?

ANSWER  You can download a utility to correct this issue.

When it opens files, the Workplace app uses the default edit settings for the file extension in your Windows Registry. If you've set default programs for certain file types in the Windows Control Panel, those settings only apply to opening files, not editing them.

If you want to set default programs for editing certain files types (which will control how files accessed from Workplace Online are opened), you will have to download and install a utility that allows you to control that.

If you experience this issue, please follow these steps:

  1. Download the utility at
  2. Open the utility.
  3. Click File Type Settings.
  4. Click Context Menu.
  5. Search for the extension you wish to change.
  6. Click on the line with the Edit command in it.
  7. Either click Edit Selected Command… to edit the settings for the Edit command or click Delete… to remove it.

NOTE  Editing the selected command will change the program that opens files with that extension when they're opened from Workplace Online. This setting can only be changed in this utility.

NOTE  Deleting the command will force the Workplace to use the settings set in the Open command. The Open command settings can be changed without the utility in: Control Panel > Default Programs > Associate a file type or protocol with a program.