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Since Workplace app event alerts are only available in-app or via email, it can be cumbersome to review them all, especially when any number of alerts might occur after normal business hours. Furthermore, remembering to both create and close tickets in another system is a time-consuming and error-prone process.

If you use Autotask to track issues, our new API-based ticketing integration will radically reduce time spent on manual ticket creation and allow you to efficiently manage issues detected by Workplace. The integration provides:

  • Workplace team to Autotask account mapping

  • Workplace alert type to Autotask ticket priority mapping

  • Automated ticket creation from Workplace events (and control over which alert types create tickets)

  • Automated ticket closure upon event resolution in Workplace (and control over which alert types can self-heal)

The integration is simple to configure and works behind the scenes to track Workplace customer issues within the workflow process you've already established in Autotask.

NOTE  For more information about tickets and ticket workflows in Autotask, please refer to this topic in the Autotask online help.

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