Getting started: Projects

NOTE  The information in this topic is intended for Workplace Administrators who are tasked with setting up and managing a Workplace implementation.

A project is the primary container for files that are synchronized by the Workplace service. Projects create the organizational structure that stores data and controls user access.

To ensure that your projects are both secure and available to those who need to access them, please make note of the following Workplace project properties:

  • Projects must have an owner.
  • Until a project is shared, only the project owner and Super Administrators can access it.
  • Files stored in a project consume the projects owner’s storage quota.
  • Projects can only be deleted via Workplace Online.
  • Projects can be hidden from your views.

The information below will help you optimize Workplace performance and usability.

NOTE  In this topic, we'll be discussing the most effective ways to structure and share data that are stored in Workplace. The "shares" we refer to here are team shares, which can only be granted to other Workplace users. For information about public shares, which can be accessed by anyone, anywhere, please refer to Managing project, folder, and file public shares.