QUESTION   The Workplace app fails to sync

Workplace Desktop (v8)/The Workplace for Windows and Mac app (v10) isn't syncing my local files with Workplace Online.

ANSWER  Check these possible resolutions:

If the Workplace app stops syncing:

NOTE  Check that the Workplace app is set to launch on startup. For more information about this, refer to Workplace app options.

  • Make sure that the Workplace app is allowed to sync via the current network connection. These settings can be amended on the Network tab of the Workplace app. Refer to Workplace app Settings/Preferences for more information.
  • Make sure that the correct ports are open and the IP addresses are accessible. Refer to Workplace ports and IP addresses for more information.
  • Confirm that you're not trying to sync one of the file types described in File types that should not be synced to Workplace
  • Confirm that the files you are trying to sync are not open.
  • If you are using Workplace v10 or later, perform an in-app reset as follows:

  1. In your taskbar/menu bar, click the icon.
  2. Click the icon and select Reset App... from the menu.